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Dianabernier.com is not and will not be in the business of selling your information. We consider this information to be a vital part of our relationship with you. Accordingly, we have developed this policy to help you understand why we collect your information and what we do with it while operating our website. We also describe how we protect the security of the information. Your trust means everything to us and we welcome you to contact us at any time about our privacy practices.

The following are examples of the personal information that we collect:
Activity - examples of Personal Information Collected
Registering on our website - Name and e-mail address
Purchasing on our website - Name, billing address, shipping address, and phone number
Contacting us via e-mail - Name - e-mail address, and any information about yourself that you choose to submit as part of your inquiry.
Write a product review - Name, e-mail address, and any information about yourself that you choose to submit as part of your product review.
Signing up for our newsletter - E-mail address


Dianabernier.com collects your personal information with your knowledge and consent, to provide you with products, information, and services. Your information may be used to track your purchase history and/or to contact you for account and promotional purposes. Your information will be used solely for the purposes of conducting business with us, including to detect and prevent fraud, to collect amounts owing to us and to maintain business records. We will always identify the purposes for which we are collecting your information and use it only for that purpose.

We value the trust you have put in us to protect your personal information and we take it seriously. We will protect your personal information by using reasonable and appropriate security safeguarding. Unfortunately, while we make every attempt to protect this information, no data security system is perfect and can be guaranteed to be 100% secure in all circumstances. Rest assured that we make every effort to keep your information safe.

Updating or Correcting the Personal Information Relating to Your Account:
You can update or correct your name, e-mail address, and other preferences by logging into your account and clicking on the “Account” page, or by contacting through email directly.

Receiving newsletters and promotional e-mails:
You can click on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any promotional e-mail that you receive. You can opt out of postal promotions by logging into your account and clicking on the “Account” page to change your preferences, or by contacting through email directly.

Remove content from user review:
You can remove content that you posted on a Dianabernier.com public space, such as part of a photo or comment, by e-mailing details to info@dianabernier.com. Note that we will endeavor to honor your request to remove information, however, our removal of your information does not completely erase that information from the internet. For example, historical copies, or “caches,” may remain.

Receiving text notifications:
To opt out of future text notifications, you can reply STOP to any text message you receive or send an e-mail request to info@dianabernier.com.

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